Riding the ETF wave. When will the bubble burst?

For an industry renowned for its innovation, it would be foolish to think that there is not someone out there with an idea that ultimately will end up replacing ETFs. The question is, what could it be?

Donald Rumsfelds known unknowns and the trouble with AI

Speaking to a number of mutual fund managers with wannabe ETF intentions has left me somewhat worried about what they know and don’t know about ETFs or, more worryingly, about what they think they know about ETFs.

What’s their secret?

Despite the success of ETFs, there are still some very large asset managers without an ETF offering, including

Here is a story about winning against the odds

As someone very wise recently said to me when referring to the ETF market “the barrier to entry has never been lower but the barrier to success has never been higher”. How true is that.