Special Edition: ETF salary survey key findings

Special Edition: ETF salary survey key findings

Our 2024 Global Salary Survey report is now available. Explore the key findings today.

The full report is available for purchase. If you would like a copy, please reach out to mike@blackwatersearch.com or speak to your HR department.

A recent trip to Mexico city proved to be a real eye opener in terms of learning about the Mexican ETF market as well as the local politics. Mexicans love their tacos but also it seems their ETFs.

Did you know:

  • There is $100bn invested in ETFs in Latam
  • There is 45 assets managers and 1,600 ETFs listed on the Mexican stock exchange
  • UCITS ETFs are preferred over US ETFs as they are more tax efficient for local investors
  • 50% of all trading volume on the exchange is in UCITS ETFs
  • Investors are still predominantly institutional but retail is growing. There are 8mn retail trading accounts now in Mexico, a growth of 7mn since 2020
  • Active ETFs are not allowed in Mexico

For a country who have just elected their first woman president, it looks like things are really progressing in a market that may not be the first place people think of when considering new markets for their ETF business. Think again.

Launches this week

Flows & performance

Listen & learn

A podcast series focused on profiling companies who have achieved success in the ETF ecosystem and uncovering what led to that success.

This week we hear from Steffen Scheublefounder and CEO of Solactive. In this conversation Steffen talks about:

  • How the idea to launch Solactive was born
  • What challenges has he faced along the way
  • What advise he would give anyone looking to start their own business

Things of interest

The Capital Markets function is sometimes a bit of a head scratcher for those looking to get into the space for the first time. It’s the one role that does not exist with the mutual fund world. Some of the questions we frequently get asked are:

  • What is the Capital Markets function?
  • Do I need a capital markets team / what value do they add?
  • How much do they cost to hire?
  • How many do I need to hire?
  • Can this function be outsourced?

To answer these, we have compiled a new report.

The European ETF market has breached $2trn assets under managements (AUM) for the first time, marking a monumental milestone for the industry. Forecasts of $3tn by 2023 may not seem so unlikely after all now.

Guinness Asset Management is set to enter the European ETF market with the takeover over of HANetf’s iClima sustainable energy ETF. The iClima Global Decarbonisation Enablers UCITS ETF (CLMA) will switch from a passive strategy that tracks the iClima Global Decarbonisation Enablers index to being actively managed by Guinness Asset Management.

Australia has its first spot Bitcoin ETF with the launch of The Monochrome Bitcoin ETF (IBTC) which began trading on the Cboe Australia.

Graniteshares has received some criticism for a “spaghetti cannon” product development approach. According to the FT, the company plans to launch 25 “YieldBoost” ETFs that would combine two of the hottest current trends: leveraged exposure and option-selling covered calls. “Product development has gone down the path of throwing as much spaghetti at the wall as possible, then seeing what sticks,” according to Morningstar. OUCH.

JP Morgan Asset Management does not plan to enter the fray of cryptocurrency ETF launches according to the firm’s EMEA ETF distribution head. Travis Spence explained the asset manager does not believe it can add an active management lens on the asset class as it does not have an information advantage.

Stoxx have launched a new index, the STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index. It tracks a diversified basket of assets, utilizing crypto-native metrics to select those which serve as a high-class reflection of the current crypto universe. I recorded a video with them where they explain more.

Career corner

Movers and Shakers

  • JP Morgan has made a bunch of hires in Europe – Simon Werkheiser is joining as a client adviser in Frankfurt and Sophie Stern in Zurich, while Nana Andoh-Kesson, Nurul Nasir and Akshay Thakur join their ETF Capital Markets Team in the UK, Germany and India, respectively.
  • Donald W. Tynion has joined Pacer ETF as an external sales consultant
  • Adam Conard has joined Invesco US as Director, ETF Due Diligence

Tip of the week

10 easy ways to accelerate your career:

  1. Be kind to others
  2. Have a diverse network
  3. Develop a love for building things
  4. Become a specialist early
  5. Network for the right reasons, be true in your intentions
  6. Be interested in what people do
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, staying quite and being self conscious serves no purpose
  8. Take risk in your career, don’t always follow the safe path
  9. Give back – help others along the way
  10. Don’t be intimidated by senior people. They all have the same fears and vulnerabilities as everyone else