Mad Men meets ETFs

I often wonder if Don Draper is real and actually works in the ETF industry because boy, can some of these managers really put a spin on how they are positioning Active ETFs.

Do women care less about salaries than men?

We are currently conducting a global ETF salary survey, which has been open for two weeks now. Looking at the engagement last week, there was one trend that immediately stood out to us. Women only represent 12% of our results so far. WOW, we thought, how can that be?

The death of ETFs may be somewhat premature

Interesting thoughts from the CEO of Schroder’s this week who predicted that the introduction of digital wallets will see the end of the fund structure, which would include ETFs. Whilst this might seem radical, we think it’s something which has merit.

ETFs, Jesus, Daniel Kahneman and some random sheep

It seems very strange the success that Active ETFs are having currently. Every man and his dog seem to see this area of the market as being the “next big thing” for ETF growth, like the second coming of Jesus. BUT, why?

How to create a $2bn ETF business in one easy step

If you want to hit the ETF market with a bang, then converting nearly $2bn worth of mutual fund assets is a good way to do it (as Eagle Capital did last week). Indeed, it is becoming a very popular means of entering the ETF market in the US, but so far untried in Europe and Asia.

Are Active ETFs taking over the world? Maybe not

Actively managed equity ETFs grew 48% globally in 2023. Assets in actively managed ETFs in the US grew 37% in 2023, while passive ETFs only grew 8%. Outside the US, actively managed ETFs grew 28%.

ETFS: ‘Some asset managers might be smoking crack’


ACTIVE, ACTIVE , ACTIVE, that’s all we hear about now as if it’s like some sort of new found discovery. Correct us if we are wrong, but the ETF industry has been advocating passive investing since the beginning of time claiming ‘you can’t beat the market’, ‘active management doesn’t work’, blah blah blah.

Active ETFs on the way up

ESG, thematic and active ETFs are predicted to see the strongest growth over the coming two to three years as passive ETFs’ majority slims.