Five things to do now to land a job

Five things to do now to land a job

These might seem obvious things to do, but as ETF & Digital Assets head hunters at Blackwater, we have come across countless candidates who have missed out on opportunities because of a failure to adhere to these points.




Understand that your CV is a MARKETING document – you want the reader to think you are awesome.


Recognise that you are being hired to SOLVE A PROBLEM for the employer – so you want to show what you can do for the employer – how you will benefit him/her and the organization – how you can help improve profits (a Superstar) and/or reduce costs and just make things run better (a Hero).

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the reader – whoever is reading your cv is probably going to skim over it so KEEP IT SIMPLE. No need to write an autobiography with lots of long paragraphs.

  • Focus on your ACHIEVEMENTS AND BENEFITS – what did you succeed in doing in your prior roles and how did those achievements benefit the organisation.

  • Understand that firms now use AI tools to screen CVs so you got to have the right KEY WORDS. 75% of CVS are rejected because they don’t have certain key words.




Your LinkedIn profile is also another marketing tool and needs to be treated as such.


Be sure that any potential employer is going to check your profile on LinkedIn, not to mention the scores of head hunters who spend their entire day looking at profiles on LinkedIn. You need to stand out and attract attention and make it easy for firms / recruiters to find you.

  • Have a clear professional photo

  • Have a strap line description that attracts attention

  • The “About You” section should focus on how you can solve other people’s pain points and how you can add value

  • Post content and comment on other people’s posts

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile aligns with your CV – potential hiring managers will cross reference

  • Ask for endorsements and recommendations from people




The old saying “it’s who you know, not what you know” is as true as ever. The more well connected you are, the better your chances are for increasing your mobility.


Most people only think about networking when they need to find a job but you need to think that networking is in fact part of your job and something you always need to be doing.

  • In the office – don’t just stick to your immediate team but build relationships with as many stakeholders you are. The more VISIBLE you are in your workplace the higher your chances are to get promoted

  • Get to KNOW YOUR PEERS – reach out to those who do a similar job at another firm and share ideas/experiences. They will appreciate it as much as you would

  • THINK DIVERSITY – look to people outside your immediate bubble to build relationships with. Opportunities can come from the least obvious places so have an open mind



Every famous person you know cultivates their personal brand, so why shouldn’t you?

  • Identify your VALUE PROPOSITION – what do you stand for? who are you? what value do you bring that employers will be interested in? If you don’t know what you stand for and if you can’t articulate this, then how can you expect others to get it.

  • Recognise that those who stand out are more likely to progress in their career.

  • GET COMFORTABLE WITH PUBLIC SPEAKING . Seek out opportunities to hone that skillset. Warren Buffet has said that the single most important skillset anyone can acquire is mastering the art of public speaking.

  • YOU ARE WHO GOOGLE SAYS YOU ARE. Have a positive social media profile. Write a blog, write posts on LinkedIn, start a podcast, post video. Content is king and a great way to get noticed. The more visible you are, the more Google will like you.


Be prepared for failure and ready for success – having the right mindset is key to a successful career as well as a successful life. Without the right attitude, you will always be on the wrong side of life.

BE PERSISTENT – you never know how close you might be to success so never give up.

There is no secret to success – Success is simply having a well thought out plan, coupled with intelligently applied hard work and dedication.

Creating a positive mindset

  • Be objective

  • Choose to see the good in situations

  • Put things in perspective

  • Revert to the present moment

  • You are in control of your own destiny so focus on what you can control


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