A humble apology to the CBI and an exciting new launch

A humble apology to the CBI and an exciting new launch

Some days ago we wrote about the “madness” of Central Bank of Ireland’s  (CBI) decision to insist on including the identifier UCITS ETF in the naming of Mutual Funds that adopted an ETF share class.


Well, that comment really generated a stir amongst all our legal friends in Dublin who correctly pointed out to us that the CBI was merely enforcing the rules as laid out by ESMA and it was in fact the CSSF in Luxembourg who were acting as naughty boys and not applying the same ESMA rule.


So shame on us for ever doubting the intelligence of my fellow Irish men and women.


In the meantime, exciting news about seeing another entrant to the European ETF market with the launch of Circa 5000. Such a good bunchof people. Also really cool to see them partner with Tumulo and become the UK’s first ETF range to provide pass-through voting to investors.


We expect more ETF managers to follow.

Fund Launches and Updates




Impact investor CIRCA5000 has entered the European ETF market with the launch of a range of impact ETFs that will offer investors access to a range of sustainable products and the first in the UK to offer pass-through voting.

The CIRCA500 Green Energy & Technology, Sustainable Food & Biodiversity, Clean Water & Waste, Social & Economic Empowerment and Health & Wellbeing ETFs will each allow investors to choose how they wish to vote.

In partnership with Tumelo, and utilising its platform, the fund range will start by offering institutional investors the ability to select a voting policy, vote ad hoc or delegate to their fund manager, with retail investor access due to follow. Investmentweek

GraniteShares is expanding in Germany with the launch on Deutsche Borse Xetra of a further 10 short and long ETPs focused on some of the biggest US technology stocks thearmchairtrader

InvestEngine an ETF investment platform, is launching an ETF savings plan allowing its UK customers to make regular investments from as little as £10 a month.The savings plans will offer investors access to its 550 commission-free ETFs which they will be able to select and manage themselves. etfstream

Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM), has launched the ILIM Global Thematic Equity Fund, which passively tracks the Solactive ILIM Global Thematic Equity Index. Designated Article 8 under the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulations, the fund has strong ESG integration, including the targeting of specified ESG metric improvements.

It invests in small, mid and large capitalization stocks in developed and emerging markets. solactive

HANetf has reduced the fees on clean energy and solar ETFs in a bid to attract a broader range of investors. Effective 1 June, the TER of the HANetf S&P Global Clean Energy Select HANzero UCITS ETF (ZERO) will be reduced from 0.55% to 0.39% while the Solar Energy UCITS ETF (TANN) will see its TER cut from 0.69% to 0.49%. investmentweek




Goldman Sachs Asset Management has launched the Goldman Sachs MarketBeta Total International Equity ETF (NYSE Arca: GXUS). The fund provides diversified access to approximately 85% of the global markets, excluding the U.S etftrends

Franklin Templeton launched the firm’s first multi-asset exchange-traded fund Franklin Income Focus ETF, on NYSE Arca under the ticker INCM. INCM seeks to maximize income for investors over a full market cycle by investing opportunistically across different asset classes, markets and sectors and utilizing income generation strategies businesswire

Allianz Investment Management launched its latest series of Buffered ETFs. The June Buffered ETFs series includes two 12-month outcome period ETFs: AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jun ETF (NYSE Arca: JUNT) and the AllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jun ETF (NYSE Arca: JUNW). The ETFs offer a downside Buffer of 10% or 20% against market drops, while allowing investors the opportunity to participate in the upside potential of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust up to a stated Cap. etftrends

Fidelity Investments is set to convert six of its thematic mutual funds to exchange-traded funds as the $4.2 trillion mutual fund titan adds to the tens of billions in conversions since 2021. The funds being converted into ETFs are:

Fidelity Disruptive Automation Fund – Fidelity Disruptive Communications Fund – Fidelity Disruptive Finance Fund – Fidelity Disruptive Medicine – Fidelity Disruptive Technology Fund – Fidelity Disruptors Fund etf.com




Vanguard slashes fees on flagship Aussie equities ETF as price war heats up.

The U.S.-based passive fund giant announced that it would reduce fees on its A$12.4 billion (US$8.25 billion) Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF, Australia’s largest ETF, from 0.1% to 0.07% on July 3 as part of its “ongoing commitment to investors” and its aim to “pass on any savings to investors where possible”. ignites

CSOP AM is set to launch the first Southeast Asia tech-focused ETF in Singapore. The CSOP iEdge Southeast Asia+ TECH Index ETF will be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange on June 20.

The fund tracks the iEdge Southeast Asia+ TECH Index, which provides exposure to 30 tech firms across six Southeast Asian markets and India across information technology, software, retail, car manufacturing, and electronic components and manufacturing. Ignites

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What is driving the digital revolution in ETFs?

A very nice piece from ETF stream explaining the nuances of what is driving the Retail growth in ETFs across Europe. This topic is very much a moving target but one which is grabbing the attention of all ETF managers, even SSGA it seems. etfstream

Leveraged and inverse ETFs are ‘like walking into a casino’. Providers argue they are useful, but critics say they are being used for short-term gambling ft.com

The future of indexing: Who will survive and who will thrive? The small upstarts with innovative products and nimble operations but relatively little infrastructure or the established players with scale and an entrenched following. Gareth Parker thinks neither. etfstream

Movers and Shakers


A new segment to the newsletter focusing on people moves within the industry.

Martin Pendleberry has joined HSBC as director of ETF and indexing sales from UBS Asset Management

Data and analytics platform ETFbook has appointed Jonathan Parsons as head of solutions.

From behind the Desk


When Northern Europe hits 30 degrees, it’s a sure sign that summer is upon us.

Taking a break is important and its scientifically prove that taking regular time off actually increases your overall productivity.

Thankfully in Europe we have mastered that art, something all our US colleagues could learn from.