Whoever said crypto is boring?

crypto by blackwater

There’s never a dull moment in the world of crypto and this story has been 10 years in the making since the first filing of a Bitcoin ETF. There was a court case, a hacked social media account, a frenzy of anticipation, but finally it came with news coming through last week that the SEC had approved all 11 Bitcoin ETF applications. But, what happens next?

Bitcoin or Bust

Bitcoin or Bust by Blackwater

SEC approval of a Bitcoin is likely to have a positive impact for sure, but is it really going to cause the underlying price to skyrocket? For those who forget, Bitcoin ETFs already exist in a number of countries so a Bitcoin ETF is not exactly new.

US Bitcoin ETF application frenzy reminds us of Jaws

It has been wild since BlackRock submitted its application for a Bitcoin ETF. Seemingly, BlackRock received some pushback from the SEC, but crucially the SEC issued guidance around what they have a problem with which has not led to a bunch of managers revising their filing and resubmitting.

U.S. Futures-based bitcoin ETF is finally here

After 8 years from the first filing, a futures-based Bitcoin ETF has finally been approved by the SEC. The first product is expected to begin trading today with many to follow. Global ETF flows are now available and more commentary on what a possible SSGA merger means.